Start Direct fuck textchat without email

Direct fuck textchat without email

Some guys will NEXT a girl for flaking just once [a position I don’t necessarily disagree with].

From my previous article where I included an “extensive” text chat-log with a married 26 year old, preaching “concise” as I am in this post, may prompt you to say, “But Kenny, you went on for days texting the married girl.

So why are you saying now that we shouldn’t text for long durations”?

Most girls will be totally fine with having scores of texting-buddies, knowing that they won’t ever have to worry about meeting up.

You want to cut the chances of this happening- bright and fucking early- by letting her know that you’re not fond of (extensive) texting!

On a related note, the problem with most of us is that we try to friend our way into a girl’s heart (via text) by engaging in long-text conversations, expending and investing too much valuable time and energy into nothing.

Now, with this girl, due to lost time, and also her previous flakiness, I was forced to cut to the chase about wanting to meet up.

When we first met and texted initially, I tried to set things up but she acted flaky and blasé.

So this is when you should take a page out of Kenny’s playbook and cut to the chase and show the girl that you aren’t gonna stand for further bull. By the way, she’s a Canadian girl who was living in Antigua at the time. This goes to further confirm what I’ve been preaching on this site since the inception: Women with boyfriends are way more prone to sleeping around than so-called single ones. My messages are in the white background, while the ones in light blue are hers.

I did manage to see her that night by the way…although I didn’t get to sleep with her.

But my sternness made it clear that I was up for no more bullshit.

So this’ why I give girls the benefit of the doubt and allow them to either hang themselves or get real before I ultimately lose patience and say ciao!