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A diluent is normally blended with the oil sands bitumen to allow it to flow in pipelines.

"[T]he prospects for adding new producers are complicated by the internal rules set in place to compensate each producer for its contributions to the blend." Crude from MEG’s 210,000-barrel-a-day Christina Lake oil sands site is marketed as Access Western Blend, which competes with WCS. and Northern Blizzard Resources Inc also benefit from the higher WCS price.

"In the seven weeks that heavy crude has staged its rebound, MEG shares are up 27 per cent, Black Pearl’s 37 per cent and Northern Blizzard’s 21 per cent." According to a report by real estate consultants Avison Young, by August 2015 in downtown Calgary "layoffs by major oil and gas companies" were reflected in higher vacancy rates in the second quarter.

The oil sands would be rebranded as eco-friendly oil or something like that; basically to have changed the game." In 19 Petro-Canada’s Mac Kay River facility was the first to install 19 GE SAGD zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) systems using a combination of the new evaporative technology and crystallizer system in which all the water was recycled and only solids were discharged off site.

This new evaporative technology began to replace older water treatment techniques employed by SAGD facilities which involved the use of warm lime softening to remove silica and magnesium and weak acid cation ion exchange used to remove calcium.

Refiners in North America consider a crude with a TAN value greater than 1.0 as "high-TAN".

A refinery must be retrofitted in order to handle high TAN crudes.

Unless otherwise stated, the price of WCS is quoted at Hardisty and the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is quoted at Cushing, Oklahoma. Bitumen comprises all of Canada’s unconventional oil, and is either upgraded to synthetic light crude, processed into asphalt or blended with other crudes and refined into products such as diesel, gasoline and jet fuel oil.

According to Argus in 2012 the WCS blend is produced by only the four companies mentioned above.

In mid-December 2015 when the price of both Brent and WTI was about $35 a barrel and WCS was $21.82, Mexico's comparable heavy sour crude, Maya was also down "73 per cent in 18 months to $27.74.

However, the Mexican government had somewhat protected its economy.

Includes royalties, which are more advantageous in Alberta and Saskatchewan." The Weighted average of US$60-61 includes existing Integrated Oil Sands at C$53 per barrel." In June 2012 Fairfield, Connecticut-based General Electric, with its focus on international markets, opened its Global Innovation Centre in downtown Calgary with "130 privately employed scientists and engineers," the "first of its kind in North America" and the second in the world.