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In a blog post, Softcard said its users can use their mobile payments app for now.

In C, this would take up about 480K (20000 times 3 x 8 bytes) for the final array.

I have a string containing between 10 triplets, separated by a space, with each triplet consisting of three double-precision numbers, separated by commas.

Total size of the biggest string, with 20000 triplets, is about 1MB.

Sounds like game over for Softcard, a very expensive multi-year initiative that was essentially a flop for the wireless companies involved.

The partnership and purchase marks an ironic turn of events for all parties.

Besides the Google and Samsung deals, Apple launched its Apple Pay payment service that has lit a fire under the butts of Google, Samsung and a group of retailers led by Walmart that are working on their own payments app. The big tech companies and carriers seem convinced that our phones will eventually replace our wallets.

For carriers, that could make mobile wallet technology table stakes over the next few years as they compete for consumers.

One way to avoid getting back empty parts (if you don't care for those empty parts) is to use array_filter on the result.