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The cocktail hour will help loosen up attendees, making it easier for them to ask questions, but there’s a method behind the mingling. Ever asked a girlfriend if she knows any single men who might be a good fit for you? She’ll offer a better way to approach your friends to get them on your date-spotting team. Most people hate it because they’re doing it wrong.” And attendees shouldn’t expect the usual parade of dating generalities.

In order for there to be 5 Sundays in February, February 1st must fall on a Sunday, and it must be a leap year, so that February 29th is the fifth Sunday.

Statistically speaking, a given date is associated with a day of the week one out of every seven years.

Leap years occur every four years (with a few exceptions that I'll ignore here).

So, the probability of February 1st falling on a Sunday and it being a leap year is 1/7 times 1/4, or 1/28 years.

Having relegated the previously dominant to second place in the UK’s online dating sector, few would doubt that Global Personals has the potential to maintain this amazing rate of growth in the years ahead.2013 update: Global Personals has become one of the largest privately-owned dating services in the world with annual revenues approaching £50m and more than 140 full-time staff.

The white label arm of the business has seen particular success over the last two years; the company now has 1,480 partners running 7,000 dating sites powered by Global Personals’ service and 90% of the company’s revenue comes from these partnerships.

Eight years after setting up his own web-based dating service, Global Personals, Williams now owns a portfolio of sites which includes Singles365and, backed up by a white label service which counts The Independent and Cosmopolitan as clients.