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Rocking that IVY PARK❤️ - This is @mrrichardlawson @rl_studios exercise crew @keneshahemmings @mdenises11 @jessicasadeward @thereelcourtney @candicelenoir @aleshabraden @iamjohnnycrown.

I'm not so great on this one but give me another week and I'll be like "watch me now"😂.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 https:// #FTLOF #FAMUly #So Cal Rattlers #Partywithacause #Legacybuilding #partyoftheyear #rattlernation - I had to resize this.

This is @mrrichardlawson @rl_studios exercise crew @keneshahemmings @mdenises11 @jessicasadeward @thereelcourtney @candicelenoir @aleshabraden @iamjohnnycrown.

Stephens also knows that Christians are not perfect. It is entertainment mixed with a lot of realness,” she said.