Start Dating your babysitter

Dating your babysitter

The morning of your date, pull this baby out and set it out somewhere the kids can see it.

So is taking up polyamory the solution to your difficulty in finding a babysitter? But it might help explain why we’re not joining your neighborhood babysitting co-op.

But instead of being excited for a night out with your hubby, you’re still worried about your baby and wondering how long he’s gonna cry. Well, you are going to LOVE us after this post because…EVERYTHING your babysitter will need to surprise your little kiddos with a WHOLE night of serious FUN! I can almost guarantee that those tears will turn to giggles in no time at all!

I called up some friends and arranged some playdates, and all of a sudden the cozy cabin wasn’t a problem anymore.

Trying to find opportunities for alone time as new parents is a classic struggle. Well, technically, his girlfriend volunteered to babysit for us. An open marriage certainly has its challenges, but finding personal time outside of being a parent is actually one of the great rewards.

And on our recent cross-country road-trip, that “Little Monkey” song literally! Not only will it help comfort any sadness and crying that may occur when you leave, but it will also explain all of the FUN that they are in store for tonight. And you’re in luck, we included the coordinating “Date In A Bag” printable in your download- along with matching gift tags to tie onto the handles. (Oh, and if you need ideas of what to put inside your “Date In A Bag”, never you fear, we Divas ALWAYS have you covered when it comes to dates.

Each verse of the song shows different activities that your kiddos can discover in their “Babysitter In A Bag.” You’ve gotta check out this cute song…Each card has a different song they can listen to AND an activity to go along with it.

They write sing-along storybooks for kids with catchy music and playful illustrations. You can watch and listen to all of their stories/songs online for FREE or you can purchase a paperback copy for your home library.