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Dating waltham movements

Continue Reading ROCHESTER-BASED ARD Resins is working closely with resin manufacturers Resin Surfaces (RSL) to provide a smooth solution to a heavy-duty brief from a large-scale engineering business.

Mapecem is Mapei’s fast-setting and drying screed for all flooring scenarios including in residential areas.

In one of its earliest applications, Altro Pisces was used in the home of a resident with special needs, enabling her to continue to live there with...

Continue Reading EVERYONE wants their home to be a safe and quiet environment.

The existing flooring at the factory needed refurbishment after becoming cracked in areas.

Its replacement needed to withstand the rigours of daily forklift movements, aggressive cleaning and demonstrate excellent chemical resistance. Continue Reading RESIN flooring systems are suitable for many different environments, from low trafficked areas to the most aggressive, because of their excellent performance characteristics and their ability to provide a seamless, hygienic and slip-resistant floor.

The fast-track product is suitable for preparing screeds which set to light foot traffic after two to three hours and is ‘perfectly dry’ after 24 hours making it suitable for a project requiring a fast...

Continue Reading THE ‘aesthetic appeal’ of Altro Pisces safety flooring is meeting the needs of local authorities’ home adaptations services, helping them move away from products with a clinical feel, and offer residents a much softer, more homely choice of colours.

Suitable for post-installation cleans and on-going maintenance, the range reportedly spans high performance detergents, to epoxy grout and grease removers.