Start Dating tarpon springs

Dating tarpon springs

Croix Bait Co., Stillwater, Minnesota, had a clear nose filled with 1.5 ounces of liquid mercury to make the lure "glow." Not many of these lures survived, and we hope, for the environment's sake, that not too many were made!

The lure's articulated legs and lifelike bulging eyes make this one a collector's favorite. It was designed to mimic a fish chasing a fish, and features some of the most elaborate mechanical hardware ever used in a lure. Happiest Baitfish Imitiation The "Punkinseed" was one of many famous baits from the Heddon company in Dowagiac, Michigan.

Best Imitation of an Entire Food Chain The Thoren Minnow Chaser was an elaborate bait made by A. It must have made quite a sight moving through the water! The tall, shaped "seeds" made their debut in the late 1930s with the larger wooden 740 series, soon accompanied by a smaller 730 series.

The long-lost audiotape surfaced just three years ago - and set the record straight.

Most Artistic Rendition of Frogskin The wooden "Wotta Frog" was made by Paw Paw Bait Co.

Most Likely to be Seen in an Art Gallery Get out your best bottle of cabernet, dim the lights and push that Mozart CD.

Now you're ready to check out the workmanship of the Klipon lure, made in the 1930s by Green-Wyle Co., of Brooklyn, N. The wooden baits have glass eyes and came in a variety of unusual and unique shapes.

This one gets my vote for the most beautiful rendition of a natural perch finish.