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Dating site sketch troll

Twitter user @pettyfemme, who formerly tweeted under @thecaroldanvers and then @deathbyliberals until both of those accounts were suspended, posted a thread about what she views as Twitter’s backward approach to harassment. In fact, after @pettyfemme explained that 4chan members had brigaded her previous accounts, noting that they were currently doing the same thing to her new one, her @pettyfemme account was suspended as well.

this has taught me I've given twitter, an explicitly anti-gay corporation, too much power over my messaging. AC— ANTHONY OLIVEIRA (@meakoopa) June 14, 2017 Most of us don’t have time to do more than block or mute trolls and move on.

But if someone is trolling you while you’re at the airport and you’ve got four hours to kill because your flight was delayed, you could always consider Renee Sherman’s response to being sent a Pepe the Frog meme over public wifi from a user bearing a Pepe avatar. He sends people Pepe memes as threats via Air Drop in the airport.

Alas, Jacob’s answers weren’t even close to satisfying: He alternately deflected, played dumb, professed innocence, and then refused to answer the question because, per Sherman, “the airport was not the time & place to talk about why he sends strangers racist memes.” So all in all, it was a thrilling but anticlimactic confrontation.