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Dating single worthy

Let that piece be mine, if it doesn’t mirror you precisely. If my sense of play is sometimes different from yours… ” We seemed to match, with similar interests and talents. But why must he turn every trivial thing I say into something profound, an opportunity to support me? Every time I teased myself or poked fun at the foibles of humankind, he apologized for me. It was the most bizarre sense of jovial aggravation.

If all I wanted was a sperm donor, I’ve met a million.

Someone might die if I settled, and I can’t guarantee it would be me.

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One of the all time best questions asked on a sit-com. But it must be said that the above has a disclaimer as I have had a vasectomy so they aren't needed. I wouldn't be master of my domain,or king of the castle either...would never last...^^^Sponges were/are(? Elain from Seinfeld was down to her last one or two and they had been discontinued; so she was going to save them for the worthy one(s).

It okay, and his internal monologue is how it got that way.

He’s one of those teachers, whom dozens upon dozens of people, for the rest of their lives, will talk about.

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