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While managing to pass his coming exams even while becoming freaked out and getting asked out on a date by Mutsumi, Keitaro’s confidence soars after it is cleared that Mutsumi’s Promise was made not to Keitaro but to Naru; clearing her of being Keitaro’s promise girl.

Mutsumi has her own unique approach to life; a combination of super optimism, naivety, and absurd insights.

Grandma Hina gives Keitaro the entitlement of ownership of the apartments, it is revealed that Naru was indeed the Promise Girl he had made his original promise to and the pair get married three years later.

Initially Mutsumi was designed as a quiet girl stereotype, however, after her name was developed she was given some foolish characteristics and became the "weak and funny girl".

When Keitaro was drafted by Seta to help him in returning an artefact to the Kingdom of Molmol, the Hinata residents all pursue after them for varying reasons, resulting in a competition over who would have him between the girls, while Mutsumi follows along for fun and arrives at the Todai Ruins in time to ensure that Haruka's wedding gown makes it to her wedding.