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Dating seminars nyc

As I’ve said, addiction is about looking for The Divine in the wrong place. I started doing obscene amounts of Kundalini yoga at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, CA. Self-development, religion, philosophy, spirituality, more self-development, whatever would help me find myself, find my purpose, find that (self-) loving feeling. From the 8’ x 8’ room, with nothing to my name but a painful case of gout, I started tweeting my butt off & writing blogs every day.

But a long way down from where I’d been: My own house in the Hollywood Hills, with a BMW, A-list celebrity friends, and my dream job in the music business.

I remember asking my Creator, why was I in such a small space?

And here I didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket. I was on an unbridled self-discovery spree — reading book after book, attending seminars, soaking up wisdom wherever I could get it. In August of 2009, after I’d been tweeting for a year, Kim Kardashian — with her 2-million-plus Twitter followers — told them to follow @The Daily Love. You’ve helped it evolve into such a force that even Oprah’s lovin’ it up. His book, Daily Love: Lessons Learned on a Journey from Crisis to Grace, is due out from Hay House on September 9th, 2014. *** This awesome bio was written in collaboration with Laura Belgray.

I’d always imagined myself hiring a helicopter to land me in the middle of my Kansas high school reunion and show everyone what a rockstar I was. Thanks to a growing community of brilliant, love-seeking and love-sharing dynamos like yourself, The Daily has taken on a life of its own. Happy people make better choices, and better choices make for a better planet.

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