Start Dating rich men in nigeria

Dating rich men in nigeria

Conversely, rich and sometimes older women who are commonly referred to as still haunt for and engage the services of young good looking men as a social past time.

Indeed, this famous actor was “ultimate” in the minds of rich but single older women.

He was reported to be very verse in sex related matters and his romantic escapades with younger girls cannot be easily summarised. He flaunts his romantic acquired wealth (exotic cars and others) with imperial arrogance.

Before he eventually tied the nuptial knot with his banker wife, this grandmaster of Nigeria comedy was embroiled in messy controversy with his erstwhile “older” lover, a lawyer. The “mama lover” openly accused the comedian of duping her of some amount of money, and invariably cheating on her with other women of lower calibre.

They also maintain a long list of younger girls as part time lovers, yet, still keep wealthy women not just for social pass time but as financial base for their promiscuous misadventure.

Also, another fine boy comedian was also reported to have a knack for rich women.

He got married recently but grapevine enthused that the diminutive comedian maintained a routine of beautiful girls until he became hooked in the warm embrace of his new wife.

Their romance which started like any other affair, eventually blossomed into marriage.