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Dating raleigh bicycles

"D" - Ireland (probably Dublin)"E" - Enid (USA) "G" - Gazelle (Holland) "H" - Handsworth (U.

In 1888, when Frank Bowden, a lawyer who had grown rich speculating on the stock exchange, bought a bike from a small Nottingham business called Woodhead, Angois and Ellis to help him recover from ill health.

K.) "Special Build" - although no Twenty's were built there"W" - Worksop (BSA, Triumph, Sun, Carlton) There have also been reports of a "B" and/or a "P" prefix, but it is not currently known what they denote.

I also do not have any information on serial numbers of the "Twenty" as produced under license by Morrison Industries in New Zealand.

I have one example of an AW hub where only the 7 in the year code is visible.