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Dating olympic athletes

In ancient Greece, though, there weren’t many ways an athlete could cheat in a race: maybe take a shortcut, or borrow a horse.

The two track sessions below are devised to target different aspects in a sprinters' training—both vital to their competition prep.

Now that you've had a taste of what a sprinter's training is like, don't forget that expending that much energy demands an equally intense recovery phase.

It was not simply a matter of professional athletes arriving and entering the competitions; for one thing, there were no professional athletes!

The early athletic competitions were only running races, but later other sports such as boxing and wrestling came to be included.

The first recorded Olympic festival took place in 776 BC.

Similar festivals had been organised for at least two or three centuries prior to this, but 776 BC saw the start of a regular festival which was to take place every Olympiad, or four year period.

At the start of the games, every competitor had to swear an oath that they were a free citizen of Greece who had committed no sacrilege against the gods.