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The weight of the chains, again, which, till quite recently, innocent and guilty alike wore, depended upon the price a prisoner could pay for "easement of irons," and it was a com- mon practice to overload a new-comer with enormous fetters and so terrify him into lavish disbursement.

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A gaol has stood on this same site for almost a thousand years.

The first prison was nearly as old as the Tower of London, and much older than the Bastille.

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Hundreds of thousands of " felons and trespassers " have from first to last been incarcerated within. Imprisonment was often lightly and capriciously inflicted in days before our liberties were fully won, and innumerable victims of tyranny and oppression have been lodged in Newgate. The gaol was the halfway-house to the scaffold or the gallows for turbulent or short- sighted persons who espoused the losing side ; it waa the starting-place for that painful pilgrimage to the pillory or whipping-poat which was too frequently the punishment for rashly uttered libels and philippics against constituted power.