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Dating in tidewater virginia

Nomination for Best Date in Hampton Roads: The Escape Room Virginia Beach Local Couple Checking it out: Andrew and Tianna Yentzer (and friends!

I think this made the game even more authentic and challenging.

We had one person in our group who attended an Escape Room in Pennsylvania, and we were worried we would get in an identical scenario, but because this was an authentic, original room we didn’t run into that problem.​ ​Currently there are 3 rooms available to choose from: “The Inheritance,” “Traveling Crook,” & “Con Artist” and a fourth they are working on.

They even gave us all vouchers for a free visit another time!

Our group was definitely a competitive bunch, so thinking we may not be able to complete it was not an option. Somehow we didn’t quite get on their list so they forgot about us. To be honest we were a little frustrated ​ and waited around for a bit until we decided to head to lunch instead. The proprietor was super apologetic and sweet and made sure to make room for us as soon as we were done with lunch to get into our escape room experience.

We went to lunch first at Fire Ninja in Town Center and then ​headed over to the Escape Room.

I really love that about the location being so close to Virginia Beach Town Center because there are a lot of cuisine options within just a quick little drive.

When we were leaving after our 1 o’clock escape all the spaces around the location were full.