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Dating hetro hiv in jamaica

KEY POINTS:• Impressive progress has been made in Latin America in increasing the number of people who know their HIV status and receive treatment.

Between 9 and 24% of women aged 15 to 24 years reported having sex with a man at least 10 years older than themselves within the last 12 months.

For example, the latest figures from Brazil are from 2009, when HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs was at 5.9%.30 In Puerto Rico, where poor access to sterile injecting material has been identified as a significant contributor to the HIV epidemic, 51% of people who died while living with HIV between 19 acquired the infection via unsafe injection practices.31 Across the region, the popularity of injecting drugs has declined and been replaced by people who favour smoking or inhaling drugs.32 It is now widely acknowledged that drug use in the region mainly comprises the non-injecting of cocaine and its derivatives.33 One systematic review of key affected populations in Brazil detected an HIV prevalence of 23.1% among people who use drugs.34 Another study, from Montevideo in Uruguay, found an increase in HIV risk among cocaine smokers, with an estimated 6.3% HIV prevalence rate.35 This is due mainly to the fact that any form of drug use impairs a person’s ability to engage in safer sex behaviours.

Young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially those who are also members of key populations, are disproportionately at risk of HIV infection.

In nine of 17 countries, minors require parental or guardian consent to take an HIV test and find out the results.