Start Dating glass containers incorporated bottles

Dating glass containers incorporated bottles

While this produces colorless glass, that glass will turn a light purple or amethyst color when it is exposed to sunlight.

Each jar has been designed with a wide mouth for neater, quicker filling and ...

Description: Give party drinks a special vintage look with our 16 oz. Styled after retro milk jars and topped with removable silicone caps, our bottles can be used as take-home party favors, fun floral vases, customizable table toppers, packaging for a homemade gourmet gift or as a creative ...

The raised embossing on the sides offers a secure grip, and the well-made screw on caps are wonderful.

I bought a few extra of the caps, just to guard against future loss.

At first I had settled on the straight-sided French working glasses (from the popular high end kitchen store) that come with plastic lids. Homade juices need to be swirled before drinking, because they settle and separate after being in the fridge for a while. So I end up with huge amounts of juice, and these bottles are great for storing the extra for when my husband comes home.

The lids on the working glasses aren't tight enough; the juice easily seeps out around the lid and I always ended up with icky looking green juice all over the countertop, my hands, everywhere! Cover seals tight, bottle fits on fridge door, and wide mouth makes it easy to clean.

I suggest using plastic for dry foods and glass for anything liquid or that must go in the refrigerator. I recently started juicing and needed something in which to store leftover juice, something large enough that I could skip a day between preparation. Have digestion issues and juicing seems to be helping a lot!

The search was harder than I anticipated; many glass bottles have an opening too small for a botlle-washing brush, and too small to enable the dishwasher to do a good job. I even use them to take water with me when I go out. With the Quattro Stagioni Bottles, I get the benefit of color identification at a glance! I am new to juicing and am finding it tricky to estimate how much juice each batch will make.

Iron in sand gives the glass a range of colors from light green to dark amber, depending on the amount of iron in the sand.

To overcome this problem, some factories that used iron-bearing sands added manganese to their batch as a decolorizer.

(I use CS's Glass Refrigerator Pitchers--#s10015515/6, same company, behind these for surplus beverage storage--which are used to refill these bottles as needed).