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Dating game song lyrics

I'll call you and we could have a drink together next week." (It presumably sounds very seductive in French! It turned out that when the romantic song had been playing in the waiting room Antoine's chances of getting a telephone number doubled.

However, if they are incorrect they will then drop down to $10.

Many studies have shown that media can affect our behaviour.

Violent video games or music with aggressive lyrics can increase aggressive feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Our better receptivity to declarations of love is because romantic songs induce positive affects - they give us a positive experience and that makes us susceptible to positive behaviour.

Is it the romantic meaning of the lyrics or the way the instrumental music was composed that matters most? In the meantime if you are single, then pay attention to the background music and it may well be love at first sight...

In a previous experiment, they had shown how romantic songs played as background music in a flower shop encouraged men to spend more money.

They decided to design a new experiment to test whether songs with romantic lyrics would influence the dating behaviour of young single women. Based on the answers of participants to music questionnaires, they selected a 'neutral' song ("L'heure du the" from Vincent Delerm) and a romantic song ("Je l'aime a mourir" from Francis Cabrel) to use in the experiment.

Do we also act differently when listening to romantic songs?