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Dating cs

Social services in BC just dropped the whole thing.

Tiffany (the girl with the pink head) is not the only girl you can marry.

Now I am being asked to pay for support and not the BIO dad what the hell is that all about...... My ex and I split, after almost 10 years (my son is almost 11) and I am certainly entitled to CS from him, even though I get CS from his bio father... My son only has one father and that is who pays the CS.

I think it's deplorable that a woman can exploit her child like that to get money from a string of different men.

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So I was just wondering if I could undo my relationship with Kate and try Tiffany.

It would *** like heck if I had to start over 'cause I've already gotten so far so can you PLEASE HELP. yea sorrey dude u probably cant undo a relationship with her after u start believe me ive tried cuz i did kate also becuz she ws the first one I saw with the heart over her head i guess shes so nerdy or sometin that u cant date her the other chicks like tiffany take like for u to hv 200 intellect and 200 strength so usually kate is always their first choice and i can tell that u cant becuz i went to the laundromat where the gossip girl was who gave u love advice and she werent there no more soz im guessin kates the only one u can date if u can.

She will give u a watch, give it to the badass of the casino (the guard) and he will give u a ring.