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Dating by radioisotopes

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Strictly speaking, the theory of evolution refers to the development of all of the species of plant and animal life on earth, in the past and present.

However, a leading evolutionary biologist, Douglas J.

"Her feelings have gradually evolved...." However, when used in a scientific sense, it often relates to changes that often extend beyond a lifetime, sometimes involving millions or even billions of years. Darwinism is simply Charles Darwin's proposal for the methods by which natural processes cause the evolution of the species.

Evolution, when interpreted in its broadest sense of "the twin planets of earth and Venus are similar in terms of distance from the sun, diameter, internal makeup, etc.

But Venus seems to have developed over billions of years into a very hot, cloud-covered planet that is incapable of supporting life as we know it, whereas the earth has evolved into a planet rich in many forms of life.paleontologists studying the fossil record have found evidence for the evolution of life forms.

The earliest fossilized life forms are simple, single-celled organisms found in deeply buried rocks.

Most have died out, but others have been traced to present day species, including humans.geologists study the evolution of the continents and their present arrangement on the earth's surface through continental drift.