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Dating big momies

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Upon learning that Christy is stressed over juggling two jobs, four college classes and kids, Jeanine suggests she quit school and her current jobs to work at her real estate firm.

Christy is furious when Baxter and Candace take Roscoe home with news that they caught him smoking marijuana.

Christy is sure Roscoe got the weed from Baxter's stash, but Baxter insists he's given it up.

Also, Christy has a video chat with Violet who claims to be very happy with her job in Lake Tahoe, but Christy sees through it.

Absent: William Fichtner as Adam Title meaning: A boxed set of books Baxter bought for Candace's friend's baby shower and Christy's nickname for Candace.

Bonnie is excited to meet Adam's best friend Mitch (Bradley Whitford) and his wife Leanne (Nicole Sullivan) who are coming to town to visit Napa wine country.

But the two turn out to be hardcore partiers and never leave Bonnie's place after getting stinking drunk.

Absent: Sadie Calvano as Violet, Blake Garrett Rosenthal as Roscoe, Matt L.