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You need to know everything you can about your medications, including what their common and dangerous side effects are, and if you take more than one drug, whether they interact negatively.

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You will want to distill your notes into a one-page document that you can take with you to your doctor’s appointments.

I use a spreadsheet in Excel, but you can just line a sheet of paper and write the information in.

Upon checking her medications after her death, I found that there were some major conflicts among them, including one that accelerated the action of the blood thinner that had a role in the cerebral hemorrhage taking her life!

First, you need to check out the specifications of Although each one of these sites intends to be complete, I find that often one will have a little bit of information that the others don’t have. Get a notepad and a pen and divide the page into columns for common side effects, dangerous side effects, drug interactions and notes.

When the doctor is prescribing new medication, ask specifically if the new drug’s side effects will exacerbate any side effects on your data sheet, making them intolerable.

Ask specifically if the new drug will not interact negatively with any of the ones you are currently taking.

She took many medications for her heart condition, kidney condition, diabetes and other small ailments, prescribed by four different doctors.