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Hence, lifestyle-monitoring and lifestyle management, with emphasis on dietary intervention, has traditionally been a main focus in nephrology, with a strong tradition in secondary and tertiary prevention in patients with advanced renal disease where rigorous lifestyle management is a prerequisite for survival.

The strength of the interdepartmental participation at our center is reflected by an atmosphere of scientific collegiality, which allows all participants to gain from the rich scientific resources available in the clinic and the research facilities.

In keeping with this goal, the Departments of Nephrology, Pathology and Medical Biology, and Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology are all represented in the program leadership of the GKC.

This collaboration has resulted in a number of publications in high-tier journals (e.g. The ultimate goal of the program is to define and test targets for treatment in man and to subsequently study pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions As noted above, a longitudinal, lifelong approach, spanning different stages of the lifeline, is at the core of research on progressive renal function loss and its complications.

Intervention studies conducted within the GKC focus on interaction between lifestyle and pharmacological interventions such as DINAMO and VIRTUE as well as personalized medicine (IMPROVE trial).

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The current Groningen Kidney Center (GKC) is the continuation of the Groningen Institute of Kidney Disease (GIKD), known for the PREVEND cohort study and for its participation in major intervention trials.

HD hemodialysis, PD peritoneal dialysis, Tx transplantation, BP blood pressure, DM diabetes mellitus.