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Dating and marriage in morocco

The Imilchil fair, or moussem, commemorates the ancient, yet tragically familiar story of a son and daughter of warring tribes who, forbidden to marry, chose suicide rather than be parted from one another.

Both families wait a short distance away outside the door while the best man or best woman sits directly outside the door with a silver platter.

Up until about 30 years ago, they would retire to a special room to consummate the marriage, and afterward, the guests would examine the bedclothes for blood as evidence that the bride was a virgin.

Today, however, the newlyweds are afforded more privacy and get to "disappear" for a while - generally going to a hotel - and are no longer expected to display their sheets for the guests.

If they say no, it’s no;– If yes, parents visit the Brides parents to discuss dowry and agree on a price. Checked off the list, everything is loaded on to several horse carriages and taken to the Bride’s house in a procession, accompanied by friends and relatives, singing and dancing.