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Dating an albanian girl

My older brothers, on the other hand, had much more freedom.

I, on the other hand, was not allowed to leave the house without a family member, and if that family member was male, he must be a first cousin, otherwise people may presume that I had a boyfriend—something forbidden in our culture. He saw me at a wedding when I was 16—the age when girls are considered of marrying age.

Having a boyfriend as a teenager was viewed as the biggest sin for a teenage Albanian girl. The following week, he sent suitors to ask for my hand in marriage. This was my ticket to freedom (or so I thought) and 2. The marriage lasted for almost 9 years—the first year was good.

I never for a second felt threatened by the country. Everyone, no matter what nationality s/he belongs to, s/he does live based on principles or no principles at all, based on moral codes or no moral codes at all, may or may not have good personality, character etc virtues. IMPORTANT: Anything we say it'll be can be a simple guess. Make sure you respact his parents the most and everyone that's close to him.

I've heard some pretty nasty things about them that scares me but I don't know what to think of it. Albanian men don't let there women go easly.Just so you know Albanian coulture is awesome. He was such a gentleman and his family were all so nice. It has been a very different experience,and made many ppl angry with me but I am following my heart,and my heart trust him 100%. Albanian men don't let there women go easly.Just so you know Albanian coulture is awesome.

I learned how to cook at the age of 12 and was responsible for cooking dinner each night for my father and older brothers while my mother worked nights as a cleaning lady on Wall Street. Neither of my parents finished elementary school yet they instilled the value of education in our family. We waited a month until giving an answer, and the first time I spoke to him was after we said “yes.” He ended our first phone call with “I love you.” I drew blank and responded, “Ok, good night.” My marriage wasn’t “arranged” in the traditional sense, however it was heavily influenced. The second year is when reality hit me (and hit me hard), and again I struggled with this Albanian-American complex.

However, for me a college education was only attainable if my future husband “allowed” it. I would be considered lucky if I married a man who allowed me to go to college. We both came from very well known and respected families—this apparently is a big deal in our culture. I realized that I was not in love with him; we had nothing in common.

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