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Dating a swedish girl

In Larsson and Mankel’s stories, both men encounter Neo-Nazis who collude with Sapo, the Swedish version of MI5 and MI6 combined.

Everywhere you turn – in film, music, literature, fashion and design – there’s a powerful Swedish presence.

Recently, for instance, impatient shoppers were hospitalised following a mob surge at a new Ikea store opening in North London.

Throughout the book version, Larsson keeps dropping genuine figures relating to violent crimes against women in Sweden.

The Swedish title for the book is Men Who Hate Women, and footnotes quote real-life incidents to explain how the fictional Salander – whose civil rights are removed at the whim of a judge – is based on real incidents.

What they find at the end of that story, however, may shock them.

Tattoo begins as a slow-moving, gently unfolding detective story but ends with scenes of horror beyond anything Hannibal Lecter could imagine.

High-end style junkies, meanwhile, crave furniture from Frant, an all-girl interior design company.