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Anyways here’s where Kaguya and Yuzuru make their entrance and literally hit the ground already in an argument.

For starters they look nice and I like that about them, but the sudden let’s-battle-to-see-which-one-of-us-Shido-likes-the-most was kinda… Anyone who’s read the light novel, without spoiling it for me, is there more to elaborate about when we first meet these two girls?

What’s more is that their fight to seduce Shido sorta became the rest of the ep there and I was starting to wonder when something else was going to happen.

Seriously, what are they, high school students now?

Geez every time I went on a field trip when I was a kid, among the first things they always told us was to stay with the group so you don’t get fucking lost.

or maybe I’m mistaken) and the gang set off of their adventure.

First up, those antics at the starting about sleeping in the same room with Shido, yeah that was more the I expected, the classic Tohka/Origami battles.

The story is set in an alternate Earth where phenomena, known by the generic term "Spacequakes", occur.

The first of these spacequakes devastated Eurasia thirty years before the time the story takes place, claiming 150 million lives.

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From the preview, ep 3 looks like the beach ep, and for once I’m not that excited for the beach ep. Maybe if you’re into this type stuff yeah great, but I’m not and this is just frustrating me very much. I’ll cya guys next time for the totally awesome Pic courtesy of Pixiv If you know an anime I might enjoy, tell me on the Recommendations page!