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Datagridview cellvalidating not working

Although you used Data Set as the source of your data, you also could have used generic collections if required.

Here is a sample code snippet: Thus, the Error Text will remain although the editor is closed. Regards, Dess Progress Telerik The Cell Validated does not fire and should not fire when there is an error in the Cell Validating event and e. Cancel Edit method as it will interfere with the validation logic. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to write back.

Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK." yeah i think it is because of the line you have said above how can i avoid this situation???

thanxxxxxxxxxxx If you have attached an event handler to the Cell Validating event then it will always fire when focus leaves the cell.

Hi there, I have a question regarding datagridview, I add data to the datagridview in an interface and all the validation for the datagridview cell is in the datagridview cell validating event for the datagridview.

I display the data of the is datagridview in another interface and make the cells read-only. But the thing is when I click on a row that data was added previously and press the Add new row the cell validating event is triggered.

In your example, you use the Cell Validating event, as shown below: Here, you want to ensure that the length of the new Customer ID is at least five characters.

You do this by using the Formatted Value property of the Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args parameter.

Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK.