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The Lost Sanctum consists of two dungeons and a village of Reptites.

After looking around a bit, the party goes off into the forest to the north and clear it of monsters. Once the elder determines that the party members are the "heroes of legend" passed down in their tradition, and are once again employed to clear the Millennial Wood of monsters.

Once they return, the Reptites inhabiting the village come out and reward the party with a Dragon's Tear. The Reptites will yield a Megalixir when completed.

You can obtain Godwood from the reptite at the entrance to the Millenia Forest in Prehistory.

Talk to the lower right reptite first if he doesn't hand it over.

The Steel Ingot is in the cave to the west of the swamp in the Middle Ages.

The Golden Hammer can be retrieved from the same reptite you gave it to in Prehistory.

Perhaps Yoshi appears in more levels compared to the regular NSMBW? The reported key sequence: Rotate the nunchuk control stick counterclockwise 16 times and continue to hold in that direction, press B, then press A, and finally press 1 and 2 together.