Start D trix and lauren froderman still dating

D trix and lauren froderman still dating

We just taught a class together for the first time last week, and that was fun. So I don't know, she got taller and I just wasn't into it so much anymore.[Silence]You know, she was just...

She hasn't updated it since 2012, but maybe her first post will resonate with the young love Jacque and Rudy are sharing.

Jacque and Rudy could take another page out of Lauren and D-Trix's book and start a Tumblr to document their love — something that Lauren did.

I think that going through those trials and tribulations myself, being on I know what it's like to be in their position and I kind of know what they're going through.

And I'm still going through it with other aspects of myself. If I'm going to critique something bad or negative, I'm going to help them turn that into a positive somehow.

They continued to develop their dancewear line by breaking out of its previously online-only presence and opening a physical store location in 2010.

In 2012, they continued to establish themselves in television as choreographers for Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance.

Now, we're like disgustingly inseparable, which is crazy to me. Do you have any plans to dance together or bring your talents together in any way?

Yeah, I think we're gonna do a collaboration on my You Tube channel pretty soon.

Lauren and D-Trix are definitely a good couple to try to emulate if Jacque and Rudy want to make it for the long haul, especially since they know how to be silly.

D-Trix has his own You Tube channel, RANDOMinic SHOW, full of fun videos, including one about how to cuddle, featuring his girlfriend Lauren (above).

She changed the names of everyone involved (she refers to herself as "Rose" and D-Trix as "Kyle").

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