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Cyber sex chat logs

Stranger: I sense your change in mood, and keep my fingers working gently into you, leaning in to kiss you, whispering in your ear that youre beautiful, .penis throbs in your grip, eager.

Stranger: I gaze into your beautiful face, and suddenly kiss your lips, running my hands gently through your hair, down to your back You: I put my hands on your back and move them down nearly towards your butt, I also slip my toungue into your mouth while passionately kissing you.

You: I discreetly lift up my skirt to encourage you to move your hand along my thigh, kissing you on the neck and lips and lightly moaning.

Stranger: I notice your slight move and give you what you want, sliding my hand along your thigh, gentle caressing it up towards your crotch, moving my chest against yours again, kissing at your neck, teasing your ears .

Stranger: I walk over to you and sit next to you, and start rubbing your... Stranger: I smile, and move my hands down your arms a little, caressing you, I put my other hand on yours, encouraging you to continue You: I smile back, I fut my hand on to the side of your face and stare seductively into your eyes.