Start Cusack dating john relationship

Cusack dating john relationship

He has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitter which show his stardom and fame on the site.

How would Anthony Michael Hall's Sixteen Candles geek have gotten the idea to procure Molly Ringwald's panties had Cusack's Bryce not challenged him to produce evidence of an assignation?

ELLE: You once told NPR's Terry Gross that you got no attention in high school until you did a couple of movies, and then suddenly you had the ability to steal the quarterback's girlfriend. JC: Movie stars are usually treated like surreal royalty in this country, so I've developed a pretty good bullshit detector.

If you're a movie star, there's a cycle you go through: adoration, adulation, you're used, and then you're discarded.

If you have acne problems, you really shouldn't be acting like Don Juan.

I should have been contrite—and apologized for exposing her to the angry pimple.

Finally, let's not even put a price tag on what Cusack taught us as High Fidelity's Rob Gordon about the subtle art of the mixtape.

Never, our hangdog hero tells us, include "the same artist twice...

His sister Susie has also acted in some films and she did a good job pulling it off.