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Cupid space dating

The idea, the company explains, is to give users a deeper look into someone’s personality right from the start.

The prior version of the OK Cupid app featured a section called Quickmatch, which was effectively OKC’s own version of Tinder.

In another case, a woman blogged about a guy OKCupid had suggested to her.

She grabbed the link to his profile from her email, not realizing that any reader who clicked on it would then be instantly logged in as her.

Seidman, formerly the co-founder and CEO of Trip Advisor-owned Oyster, came on board with OK Cupid in May of last year, with a goal of shifting the brand to one that’s more focused on meaningful relationships, as compared with apps like Tinder, which are still often confused (or used) as tools for quick hookups.

This is a tactic others in the space have taken as well, including most recently Hinge, which pivoted to a new experience itself in October, also claiming a renewed focus on “real relationships.” Double Take was tested with select members ahead of today’s public launch, and was found to have tripled the mutual matches, OK Cupid claims.

Those "login instantly" links include a token that logs in to the account associated with the email address without asking for a password.

Even though it makes it easy for anyone with the link to impersonate a user, OKCupid considers this a feature, not a bug, because it shuttles users quickly and seamlessly onto the site.

It does expire eventually, but it is not clear how long that takes (I tested a link that was over a year old; it failed to work).