Start Criminal background check online dating

Criminal background check online dating

Combine their school, hometown, job, current location and name, and a Facebook page is bound to appear.

Of course, if you have enough time and stalking skills, you can find out a lot yourself.

But not all of us feel confident about being able to find all incriminating evidence.

In under five minutes, you will know who you’re dating. Is the person you’re meeting offline, live up to what they told you online? It's the other, more important details about them that we're concerned about.

So you've been swiping left and right on any of the plethora of dating apps available today? Or did they turn out to be a totally different person offline? A match may tell you that they luuuurvve Taylor Swift, but in reality, they may be a Belieber. Or they may be married, have kids, or even have a criminal past that may or may not be violent.

With her company, Aste, Nashawaty employs a team of private investigators who work to make online dating safer.

You send in what limited information you have about your match, and within 24 hours, they’ll send you a background check.

But there are more serious things that the user might not know about such as that the person they just starting hooking up with on Tinder is really married, they have kids, or even a criminal past.

Julie Nashawaty was a couple of days away from a first date with a man who, according to their online dating profiles, she had a 92 per cent compatibility match with.

Stud or Dud lets users search using a person's name, phone number or email address to reveal criminal records, property ownership, court records, marital status and professional background, helping create a safer, more transparent online dating community.

Stud or Dud announced the release of its i OS application, which was designed to help online daters find out more about their potential dates before meeting them in person.

“We instantly connected, texted incessantly, and became Snapchat friends,” she said.