Start Creepy internet dating meme

Creepy internet dating meme

It’s worth mentioning that more than one person from wildly different sectors of my personal life forwarded the document to me as well. No — I have no tight affiliation with the gentlemen of Wall Street.

Many of the nightmares that follow started on the website , whose name derives from the practice of copypasta or copying and pasting stories on message boards and in email.

It’s tough to tell when an internet phenomenon reaches actual meme status.

But, in the case of the “creepy finance guy,” I think we can finally call it. , which doesn’t outline his career much beyond Does Things With Money. ” Were it not for these tinges of sincere(-sounding) insecurity, you’d easily write off the “Date Response Form” as a big, elaborate prank.

Twitter user James Coston took to the social media site seeking tales of dates gone awry - and the responses are nothing short of entertaining.

We've got jokes for days about Tinder, but there's something super satisfying about this simple and versatile meme format.

And men in other quote-un-quote prestige fields rarely suffer the same stigma. That’s not really a “thing.” Sure, they happen — but rarely is the phrase “that’s what you get for going out with a doctor!

” uttered when someone recounts a terrible date with an MD.

As long as we’re on the subject, there’s this post from angry at Wall Street?