Start Coping with dating a widower

Coping with dating a widower

Other WAY members can be an invaluable source of advice and support as you venture back into the dating world.

After the first few months in survival mode, you do begin to feel like living again. For others it can take ten years before they feel any sense of happiness.

The pain of bereavement is always there – like a dull ache, but many WAY members have turned their lives around in surprising ways after their partner has died.

His moods change, and he often breaks off the relationship without warning and without explanation.

During this time, Ws often battle guilt, depression, and anger all at once.

WAY has events and gatherings across the country – giving members the chance to meet up with other people who understand exactly what you’re going through.

It’s often really helpful to meet with people who are not in couples – especially at the weekends, which can be especially hard when you’re on your own.

You will probably begin to feel like socialising again after months of not being able to face anyone except your closest friends and family.