Start Conscious dating workshops

Conscious dating workshops

Discover the amazing nutritional benefits of hemp and learn to use it, learn to make Ani’s best loved sin free sweet raw creations, and discover benefits and the simplicity of making saurkraut and kefir.

Learn the prime directive of relationships and the five truths of conscious dating. Don’t stumble into relationships, choose consciously. Two days of play and practical information in sexual intelligence.

Learn how to give and get consent, non verbal flirting skills and determine your wants vs. An afternoon of sensuality play skills, learning how to ask for what you want and you’ll love the homework assignment!

She brings Rewilding Love, Earthing Soul – a workshop for everyone; Garden of Love – a ritual for couples; Wombdala – a workshop for women.

Cuddle Workshop & Gigantic Cuddle Puddle With Anna Fortes-Mayer and Virginia Thorn. Fun, connection and deeeep relaxation all on offer at our safely held platonic cuddle workshop. Connecting with our own inner beauty to be more centred in ourselves and more able to be present with the beauty in others and the world.

Workshops include hands-on activities and interactive participation and exercises.

My workshops are generally a little longer than my seminars and often include a lot of discussion.

Games and exerceises ground the learnings in observed bodily experience. How empathy, connection, compassion and mindfulness can transform our relationship with ourselves and others. Transform hate and anger, and experience both giving and receiving the power of deep empathy.