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Configure automatic updating

This is more solid in case of VPN clients on flaky connections (eg: 3g), and it is also required for i OS clients (i Phone/i Pad) since otherwise they will refuse to connect.

Remember that i OS always disconnects from the VPN whenever the devices goes to sleep/standby mode. Your Android device should now connect to your VPN.

Anytime you want to turn it on/off, you need to go back to the main VPN screen in the Settings app.

This tutorial shows how to setup a PPTP/GRE VPN server within your Tomato router, which allows external devices to connect to your network through a secured encrypted connection.

An easier password will be easier to bruteforce for an attacker.

The script opens the TCP port 1723 on your Tomato router (standard PPTP port), and allow the GRE protocol to be used.

It then allows up to 10 VPN devices (interfaces ppp0-ppp9) to browse your local LAN, access Tomato itself and go out on the Internet. This script will be automatically executed every time your Internet connection is (re-)estabilished. The first part of the script adds a symlink of the chap-secrets script into to see more verbose output from the server.

It's just a concept that Microsoft is adopting in Windows 10 to ease the deployment of updates. Obviously, this will be a popular feature, but some companies may decide not to use it – particularly those with existing strong and successful patching policies using a management solution such as System Center Configuration Manager.