Start Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

Typically starting as a blog, these sites get added to and added to over time until they fall apart.

New to concrete and trying to find some consistent doc on how to do insert, delete, update, etc.

Docs say it follows doctrine\dbal, which is I read correclty should look like this: $db = \Database::...

I have a custom block for Concrete5 I built which uses multiple template files associated with it.

If I apply the template to the block when I am initially adding the block to the page everything ...

Go to any page in your site, and a editing toolbar gives you all the controls you need to update your website. Building and running a website are two very different challenges.

No intimidating manuals, no complicated administration interfaces - just point and click. Certainly, one person may wear both hats, but the process of launching a great website is far different from running a great website over time.

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