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Claire danes who is she dating

How do you balance those aspects of these characters? For various reasons, she realizes that’s not her destiny.

I think the season just collected momentum and strength as it went along.

I marvel at their ability to surf these phenomena as they’re occurring, almost in real time.

Carrie, on the surface, wants to be a good mother, and be there for her child, but she has this gift, this sixth sense, this ability that Saul recognized the minute he met her, and saw that if there was a hope for after his lifetime, it would be this person.

I think the genius of this season is this man who represents fake news, and the system that Max finds his way into, with Carrie’s guidance. They’re all in the same waiting area, and some times, it can get a little tense.

I imagine a good deal of the arc must have been outlined before you began shooting the season.

Danes: Yeah, they have a pretty sound sense of how we’re going to start, but invariably, they get outpaced by filming, and they end up writing as we film. Mandy Patinkin: They stay fairly flexible, and it is fluid.

What were your first impressions when you read the scripts for Season 6?