Start Christian dj dating dark

Christian dj dating dark

It's only entertainment until it's no longer something we can classify as entertaining.

There’s no lies in his lyrics, the settings that he describes sound like recollections, reliving the moments that have happened or things that he’s prepared to do.

Am I the only one that feels the infatuation with real is problematic?

You want to see these young kids get out of their situations, but music can be the gateway out of one problem and into another.

In his world girls are slaughtered before going to church, aunties are dope fiends with locked jaws, rounds are shot into mother homes, the plug is robbed and best friends are killed before they can truly live a life.

Imagine if O-Dog moved to Atlanta at the end of and became a rapper, that’s 21 Savage – raw, wild, and destructive.

He reflects on the altercation with no remorse, even though the action got him expelled from every school in De Kalb County.

It’s different hearing him talk about the things he raps about, without a beat banging in the background you have to confront the severity of his words.

His point-of-view at times was outrageous but once you filtered out the extremes it’s easy to see your own reflection.