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There is debate over whether these C-Group peoples, who flourished from c. 1500 BC, were another internal evolution or invaders.

As trade between Egypt and Nubia increased, so did wealth and stability.

By the Egyptian 6th dynasty, Nubia was divided into a series of small kingdoms.

Historically, the people of Nubia spoke at least two varieties of the Nubian language group, a subfamily that includes Nobiin (the descendant of Old Nubian), Kenuzi-Dongola, Midob and several related varieties in the northern part of the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan.

The Nubian culture may have even contributed to the unification of the Nile Valley.

In 2300 BC, Nubia was first mentioned in Old Kingdom Egyptian accounts of trade missions.

From Aswan, right above the First Cataract, the southern limit of Egyptian control at the time, Egyptians imported gold, incense, ebony, copper, ivory, and exotic animals from tropical Africa through Nubia.

Fertile farmland just south of the Third Cataract is known as the "pre-Kerma" culture in Upper Nubia, as they are the ancestors.