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People are deported, with some frequency, for attempting to circumvent this rule.

And they vary a bit from case to case and country to country.

But three immigration lawyers contacted by The Fix across the country said current processing times typically run eight to 12 months in cases that are not particularly complicated.

When we met, I was applying for aliyah to Israel but we fell in love (or at least I did), so I decided to put that on hold.

The count of applications received minus those rejected does not equal the number approved because requests are sometimes received and decided in different years.

Any application that involves a person who has been to the fiance visa application well more than once in a short period of time (say, three applications in three years) is going to get the Uncle Sam equivalent of an extra strong side-eye.

citizen applying for a fiance visa on behalf of a beneficiary must provide proof of income that sits 125 percent above the federal poverty level.

So too is information about any marriage broker or international dating service involved in making the connection.