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No, those photos you’ve seen of people being propelled skywards by two jets of water aren’t the work of Photoshop – that’s the work of flyboarding.

Even fleeting glances or interactions can be interpreted as bearing flirtatious overtones.

Better yet, not far from shore sit an abundance of colourful coral reefs teeming with fish.

Head out for a snorkel in Sandy Beach, Fujairah, or delve a little deeper still on a diving expedition.

Hop atop a camel for a lope along desert dunes…or charter a chopper. Year-round, daytime temperatures rarely drop below 25. November to March are the cooler – though by no means cool – months, when tempering sea breezes drift in from the coast.

Break bread with Bedouins…or dine with the fishes in a restaurant aquarium. Don’t be too put-off by the prospect of travelling during summer though (July to August), as the cities are covered and air-conditioned.

Sign up for a session and give flight to those long-suppressed Astro Boy fantasies.

Ok, Whistler it ain’t, but being able to hit the slopes inside a shopping mall – let alone in the Arabian Peninsula – is still an impressive feat.

With the cooling system set at minus six degrees, this restaurant/cafe is the place to rug up in thermals and sip a hot chocolate while moaning about the cold. Simply rock up at the booth, tell the man at the controls, and the barrels start when you tell them to.