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She covered her eyes, and then stared, in shock that the situation had turned so weird.

"Fire breath, Julie, work your breath into your depths." Julie began a brisk exhalation, followed by quick inhales. Emmy noticed the music had quickened as well, and now Julie's grunts with her breath were indistinguishable from a woman reaching a climax.

As her breathing increased, Jacob kept pace until she moaned and Emmy could see the dildo coated with her spendings.

She watched Julie arrange her mat on the floor, Each time she bent over, her sex peeked out between her legs. Yogi Jacob slipped a CD into a player and the room filled with a quiet strumming; an ethereal sound that added to its surrealism. Whenever she looked at Julie, she saw her friend, buck naked and exposed.

And now, she watched as Jacob lifted the cotton tunic he had been wearing.

His skin a dark bronze color, his chest and arms rippled as the tunic lifted above his head.

Jacob was nearly hairless, with the exception of a thick crop on his head and small tufts under his arms, there was no evidence of hair on his slick skin.

*-*-*-* "It's pretty warm in there, so if you're not going to be undressed, I hope you brought a bathing suit or something." She looked at Julie's reflection in the mirror, undressing and putting her clothes in a locker.