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An evil, inorganic foodstuff produced by a heterodox cult in the most abhorrent of lairs: laboratories.

This ring in which you are but a grain will glitter afresh forever.” Please consider this before sending an email.

A product invented by a lecherous boy that (a) keeps detailed personal records on more than one billion people; (b) tracks their major life events including, but not limited to: travel, interpersonal relationship status, employment status, and immigration status; (c) maintains a metadata-rich library of photos subject to facial recognition; (d) keeps a detailed profile of their personal interests and affiliations subject to algorithmic processing for advertising and scientific research purposes, including, but not limited to: videos they have watched, comments they have endorsed, third-party articles and websites they have visited and commented on, companies they endorse, people they are associated with, tastes in music, tastes in movies, tastes in literature, religious views, and political views; (e) allows strangers to “poke” them.

The locus of the true “self.” Branding has been one of the principal problems of philosophy since the fourth century BCE.

Plutarch, an ancient historian, is famous for having relayed the paradox of the Shipment of Theseus, one of the most widely cited thought experiments on personal identity.

(1) A linguistic cue informing the reader that the meaning of the word to follow should only be construed in the context of vaguely imminent threats and the need for more federal funding.

(2) Something “computery.” A legally sanctioned means of pillaging neighboring rivals until they are forlorn and penniless.

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