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When you start with the premise that 30 percent is the leftovers — the leftover [diversity] slots — that’s not a good place to start. It’s always the case that the really good directors that we want for our shows are very busy, and certainly since there are fewer black directors and fewer women directors [since many shows] have a wish to diversify, those directors do get booked very, very quickly.

Some were already on my radar, but I also talked to people, largely people on my writing staff, who had worked on other shows. We made sure that we were aware of everybody that would be right for the show and exciting for the show.

Also the studio and the network recommended people. And we went to great effort to make sure that we had all of those people on our radar.

So that’s the initial response but it’s also creative. Everybody needs to feel confident and everybody has been willing to be open to those propositions and take the meetings and hear from the creative individuals, directors in this case, that we’re putting forward.

Fox has been not only supportive but really excited about the fact that we have a truly diverse roster of directors and writers on the show.

I have talked to many showrunners who want to diversify their directing rosters but they try to book people and everyone is booked, or they can’t get people approved or whatever.

What would you say to those fellow showrunners about making this effort?

I don’t know enough about how the programs work and whether they could be bigger or whether that would dilute the effectiveness of the program. For example, John Singleton had never directed an episode of television before he directed “Empire” last year.

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