Start Cdx files not updating correctly on server

Cdx files not updating correctly on server

It is necessary to restart the Spooler service if you make changes to the Disable Server File Pooling value « Back to index The problem is proberly that you have not set the color price multiplier, and if this have not been set then Pcounter disables color checking.

For more information regarding upgrades, please see: « Back to index This error occurs if the Event Viewer is open and viewing the Application log.

QGIS uses the OGR library to read and write vector data formats, including ESRI shapefiles, Map Info and Micro Station file formats, Auto CAD DXF, Post GIS, Spatia Lite, Oracle Spatial and MSSQL Spatial databases, and many more.

GRASS vector and Postgre SQL support is supplied by native QGIS data provider plugins.

Many of the features available in QGIS work the same, regardless of the vector data source. That will bring up a standard open file dialog (see figure_vector_2), which allows you to navigate the file system and load a shapefile or other supported data source. Navigate to the directory that contains the coverage file, and select it.

This is by design, and it includes the identify, select, labeling and attributes functions. While it is very useful to have a projection file, it is not mandatory. For further details, see the ESRI technical specification at Similarly, you can load directory-based vector files in the UK National Transfer Format, as well as the raw TIGER Format of the US Census Bureau.

I notice in your Grid sample that you sort a recordset by attaching it to CDao Recordset.

I would prefer to use your library, and found CDBFMem Cursorset:: Sort By Field().

Fixed a bug in the query engine that could result in incorrect ordering of results when the following conditions are met: 1) Table type is one of the DBF types.